[Call for Papers]

« SOCIAL WORK AND MINORITIES IN THE WORLD » – October 12th & 13th, 2017 –

Institut Social de Lille / Université Catholique de Lille &  ERIS (European Research Institute in Social work)

The international symposium which will take place on October 12th and 13th, 2017 at the Catholic University of Lille will focus on bringing to light the political, social and identity-related dynamics that contribute to the emergence of the minority phenomenon in various countries.

We will seek to reflect on the relationship between nationalism, citizenship, democracy, and how cultural diversity is to be managed. Moreover, we hope that this international meeting, bringing together diversified points of view and knowledge, will promote the passage from invisibility to recognition of minority situations and groups, and open new horizons for social work internationally.

The following themes will be discussed during the two day symposium organized with European colleagues of the ERIS Group (European Research Institute in Social Work), at the Lille Social Institute / Catholic University: ethnic minorities, sexual minorities, linguistic minorities, national minorities, religious groups, the elderly, persons with disabilities etc.


The organizing committee would like to invite researchers from all disciplines within humanities and social sciences, professionals in social, health and medico-social work, and lecturers from social work institutes and universities to submit proposals for communication according to the following questions :

1. How were minorities constructed in the world ?

2. Which State model would allow the best level of well-being and recognition of minorities ?

3. How can we foster a collective desire to live together in order to support the unity of the social cohesion within our Society ?

4. Why and how can we ensure respect for the rights of minorities ?

5. Can we speak of equality by right? How is difference treated in the various countries ?

6. In the medical and social fields, how do we take into account the notion of “difference” in the support provided? What are the professional practices in the world ?

7. What are the ethical issues regarding diversity and minorities ?

8. Worldwide experiences: what can Europe learn about global perspectives from other countries ?

These questions will be the focus of the plenary sessions and workshops.


Contributions will take the form of 20-minute oral presentations grouped into different thematic sessions. Proposals for communication must be submitted in French or in English (1 or 2 pages) before the 3rd of July 2017. They should be sent by e-mail to the following address: eris@institut-social-lille.fr. The Scientific Committee will communicate its decision on July 7th, 2017.


The fee for the conference is 160€ for two days / 80€ for one day / 40€ for students.


Anne GAVORY, 03 62 53 99 35 / anne.gavory@institut-social-lille.fr ou eris@institut-social-lille.fr


Université Catholique de Lille, 60 Boulevard Vauban – 59800 LILLE